Let Us Be Your Voice and

“Thank You”

For Supporting KSCW
through donations to the
SCW Broadcast Club


Donations to the Club help cover ongoing radio station operation expenses.


Benefits to You are:

On Air “Thank You” spots demonstrate your committment to the community.  

On Air “Thank You” spots remind your target market of your organization’s availability.

Donations may be tax deductible. – The SCW Broadcast Club is a 501(c)3 charity.  


“Thank You” Spots include:

The name and location of your business.

Contact Information.
(Website url, email and/or phone number) 

The type of business and the product/service offered.


“Thank You” Spots will NOT include:

Any mention of price, even if it’s “Free”

Any calls to action or inducement to purchase

Any competitive or comparative language


Briefly for your consideration:

One time Set Up $25 – This is per recording no matter how many times it’s played.
Single, 15 Second Spots $2.50 each

Single, 30 Second Spots $5 each

If you want to narrow the hours between when single spots play
it will be between $2 and $8 per spot

A Full Week of 21 Spots (equivalent of 3/day)
Set Up is included which results in a 16% discount.

If an Hour Span Rotation Option isn’t chosen,
Spots Randomly Rotate at 3 per day between 5am and 10pm

Longer Term Packages with hundreds of Spots are available at discounts.

A list of donors who request announcements for a period of 6 months or longer will be displayed on the SunCityWestRadio.com website for the term of their agreement with the  Broadcast Club.   A link to the donor’s web site will also be included.

Details of Single Spots and Longer Term Packages can be seen by clicking on the
Suggested Donation Rates button below.

Sample Script of  a 15 second Thank You Spot:

The following program is brought to you in part through a donation from
(organization/business), located at (address).

(Organization/business) offers (product/service). 
They are located at (address).
Their (website url or phone#) is ……..Thank You.