Let Us Be Your Voice and Support

the Community at the Same Time.


Underwriting at KSCW helps cover ongoing radio station operation expenses.


Benefits to You are:

On Air underwriting demonstrates your commitment to the community.  

Underwriting reminds your target market of your organization’s availability. 


Underwriting announcements include:

The name and location of your business

Contact Information

(Website url, email and/or phone number) 

The type of business and the product/service offered


Underwriting announcements will NOT include:

Any mention of price, even if it’s “Free”

Any calls to action or inducement to purchase

Any competitive or comparative language


Underwriters can have their logo with a link to their website displayed on the
SunCityWestRadio.com website for the term of their underwriting.


For More Information

email:  suncitywestradio@gmail.com