We offer two types of announcements:

A PSA is a public service announcement that is generic in nature and is meant to be an ongoing announcement that airs to promote a club or organization.  It usually includes a basic description of the club and contact information.  It is not meant to promote a specific event. 

A PSE is a public service event.  This is used to promote specific upcoming events.  These normally run for approximately 2 weeks prior to the event.  We require a 4 week lead time before the event for PSE announcements.  This is to allow for 2 weeks to record, edit, and schedule the spot, and then the 2 weeks of air time to adequately promote the event. 

Sun City West chartered clubs, area food drives & blood drives are excluded from the following: 

  • KSCW is a non-profit organization and is dependent on donations for its operation. As a result, your consideration of a donation would help ensure our ability to assist in your publicity now and in the future.

We do not air announcements for political organization or candidates or churches, except for PSE’s for church events that are raising money to benefit the community as a whole.  (Contact us for more details).  All PSE requests must be for events that are open to the entire community.  This includes SCW club events – we do not promote events that are only open to your club members.


Forms must be submitted 4 weeks prior to airing.

Click here for Broadcast Request Form.


For more information contact us at:  suncitywestradio@gmail.com